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What an excellent question! EMDR Therapy at CARE often looks and feels different (in a good way) than your average EMDR session. We differ because our therapists spend a significant amount of time attending cutting-edge trainings that enable us to stay ahead of the curve in treating mental illnesses with EMDR Therapy.

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that all EMDR therapists treat the same way. That could not be further from the truth. No matter what the specialty, each therapist will utilize interventions differently. Client success rates depend on the therapist’s confidence level with using EMDR. Outcomes also depend on a therapist’s enthusiasm, the investment in advanced trainings, and having access to support, trainers, and mentors. Furthermore, a not-so-great experience with one EMDR therapist does not mean you will have the same experience with another. It is never a “one size fits all.”

At CARE, our therapists tend to use a European-style approach to EMDR Therapy. In general, and according to The Common Wealth Fund, European countries have significantly lower rates of mental illnesses. Lower mental health rates are not due to a lack of stress, because stress is a real-life issue no matter who you are or where you live. Instead, I believe the difference is the quality of mental health care available. When our CARE team attends trainings, we often gravitate towards those offered by European trainers and from countries where mental health treatment is far more advanced.

I will also tell you that most therapy goes wrong when therapists spend too much time trying to treat symptoms. At CARE, we see high success rates because we stay focused on treating root causes and are not easily sidetracked by symptoms. When you treat the cause, symptoms often diminish quickly, and most clients experience life-changing results.


Here are some of the reasons why our EMDR therapists are different:

  • Advanced Trainings- While many EMDR therapists stop at basic training, our therapists spend an average of 40 hours per year attending trainings in advanced EMDR techniques. After all, Basic training is just that, basic. More tools in the toolbelt means a therapist is more equipped to do the job!


  • Collaboration: At CARE, we have a team of over 25 EMDR therapists who share their successes with each other daily. Learning from our colleagues is crucial to our success as therapists. It teaches us how to approach challenging situations from many different angles. Rest assured that when you are a client at CARE, you don’t have just one therapist; you have the support of 25 who are all rooting for your happiness.


  • Confidence– This is huge. I’ve seen many EMDR-trained therapists withhold life-changing treatment from clients, not because the client wasn’t ready, but because the therapist wasn’t! At CARE, having a team of therapists who support each other builds our confidence and produces better client outcomes.


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Wishing you happiness & Prosperity!


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