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Too often, people resort to “cold calling” therapists, and they hastily schedule a meeting with the first call back they receive. They often make this decision easier than choosing a mechanic for their car. People should understand that it’s challenging to find a good therapist with immediate openings, and this situation makes them think that “something is better than nothing.” Such an approach of rushing into a decision about a therapist will likely not help you reach your goals any faster. On the contrary, it could significantly lengthen your recovery time, which is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. 

Care Counseling Services has well-trained therapists committed to attending regular training to ensure we offer our clients the most up-to-date treatments. We specialize in EMDR Therapy and other mindfulness-based approaches. While we believe these to be some of the most effective treatment options available, we understand it’s not for everyone.

If you’ve been in therapy for some time now and feel your symptoms are still persistent or continue to return, it might be a good time to try a new therapist! There are many different approaches to therapy, and they are never a “one size fits all.” We also realize that saying goodbye to your therapist can be scary. As much as we love meeting with our clients, we prefer watching them heal and transform their lives so they can move on from therapy! Remember, moving on from treatment doesn’t mean goodbye forever; we have plenty of clients who pop in for “refresher” sessions 1-2x per year!

Right therapists happen when clients look for them. My advice is to do research. Finding the right therapist will probably take some time and work, but it’s worth the effort. With a click, you can have instant access to a therapist on

Find a therapist with a naturally warm, empathetic smile that you feel drawn to and with whom you feel a connection. Read the therapist’s bio and get acquainted with the types of therapy they provide. Does the therapist make you feel curious, trusting, warm? Do they bring hope like someone who will change your life? Would you like to speak to them? My advice is to follow your intuition.

Give the therapist a call and be persistent. Our therapists are busy working on tight schedules, typically without receptionists. Please don’t give up until you get a response; it will be worth your effort to get the right therapist you need. We (therapists) do our best to call back within 24-hours, but there are days when we get overwhelmed with calls and emails. Eventually, we will connect, and you will be happy you were persistent and stayed committed to finding the best therapist for you!

Wishing You Good Health & Happiness!


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