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We often get asked, “How can CARE see so many clients?” or “Every other therapy practice has an 8-month waitlist; why doesn’t CARE?”. I’m here to blog about it because the answer is super important!  I’ll try not to blow your mind 🙂

In a blog from 2021 (read it here), I shared information on why choosing the right therapist is critical to your success in therapy. But for a moment, consider whether or not you would choose to see a doctor whose patients always stayed sick?  Whose patients never fully healed? I bet you would quickly say, no way!

Yet, many people quickly put their names on eight-month waitlists for therapists. I don’t understand! If a hairdresser has an 8-month waitlist- I’ll be the first name on that waitlist. But in mental health, I want a therapist whose clients are getting better and who has openings! Contrary to what many have been led to believe (even by other medical professionals), most mental health issues are easily “curable.”  No one should ever feel they can’t live without a therapist.  By comparison, a good pain doctor will attempt to find and treat the root cause of the pain, and others will just manage the pain. Which would you prefer?

CARE is committed to running a data-driven practice.

We consistently track our client’s progress to ensure goals are being met in an acceptable amount of time- based on presenting symptoms and life experiences. We reevaluate symptoms and goals at least every six sessions. Don’t worry; we aren’t rushing anyone to the finish line! We are trained to go at our client’s pace, but we provide gentle reminders of why you are in therapy and why staying on track is critical to your success and happiness. Our everyday successes at CARE prove that hard work makes anything possible! We are committed to ensuring that each client at CARE experiences symptom-free living as quickly as possible! As you likely already know, coping with mental health issues can take the fun out of life. But, we know you can live better!

Our therapy sessions definitely feel more intense than most, but the hard work always pays off! At times, clients arrive to sessions and say they want “talk therapy,” however, we know that won’t get them where they want to be. While we fully embrace mixing in talk therapy here and there, we also know how to spot avoidance a mile away (wink). Doctors don’t let patients choose their medication, and neither should therapists. A good therapist will diagnose and treat according to what they feel is the most effective and efficient way to get their clients better. For us, that’s almost always EMDR Therapy!

So why is our team so effective? Collaboration is one of the key factors that sets CARE apart from most other therapist offices. As a therapist who once worked independently, my skills took off when our team began to form. A group of 20 therapists will always be better than 1! We are also committed to advancing our skills. On average, each therapist at CARE attends 2-3 advanced trainings per year. Therapy is constantly evolving, just like any other medicine. We strive to be the best, and that means life-long learning. We also love to have fun in sessions. Much of our advanced trainings follow a European-style approach to EMDR therapy, which brings fun and even more effectiveness into our sessions!!

Some tell us that we have a terrible business model. Our marketing never-ends! But our therapists love what they do. Every day we witness our clients’ lives transform right before our eyes. We wouldn’t trade that for anything!

With Gratitude & Love to all our clients!


Wellness Starts Within