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CARE Counseling believes EMDR Therapy to be one of the most effective treatment options for PTSD (including Complex PTSD), Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Grief, Stress, Addiction, and most other mental health conditions. After only seven sessions, our average client experiences a significant decrease or elimination of symptoms. Our CARE data aligns with other EMDR research findings, which suggest that after 6 EMDR sessions, 100% of clients with single incident traumas and 77% of clients with multiple traumas experience a significant reduction or elimination of trauma symptoms. The number of EMDR sessions required also varies depending on the length and severity of past stressful life events. Medication and current substance use can also interfere with how one’s mind processes information. However, even clients who require more than seven sessions would agree that EMDR therapy is a much more efficient and effective way to treat mental health issues. With this treatment, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

How many weeks, months, years?

Another critical thing to know is how long you can anticipate being in therapy. Our average client has seven EMDR sessions, but that doesn’t always mean seven weeks. Some clients prefer spreading their EMDR sessions over months while also integrating talk therapy. Others prefer a more intensive treatment plan, such as multiple sessions per week. You and your therapist can determine the speed at which you get through your EMDR sessions.

Intensive EMDR
Our Intensive EMDR program is an excellent option for anyone who is looking to heal quicker. While the program does require a lot of hard work, the benefits are well worth the labor!

Intensive EMDR could be a great option if you have found that therapy has not worked in the past or it was challenging to commit to treatment. Our clients feel more engaged and have meager dropout rates by requiring an up-front commitment to the healing process. Our skilled clinicians are available to assist clients through their healing journey, which lasts approximately three weeks. Clients also can work with multiple therapists; each offers their individualized insights and special techniques during this process. We believe that a team approach provides a unique and well-rounded experience for our clients, so they leave the program feeling rejuvenated, happier, and more resilient!

If you are interested in learning more about our Intensive EMDR Program, please email

With EMDR Therapy, we are helping our clients achieve the results of years of therapy in as little as seven sessions! That means tons of money in insurance co-pays saved, hundreds of hours freed up to other things, and most importantly, we just added years of happiness to your life!

Wishing You Good Health & Happiness!


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