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A man holding brain in his hand

EMDR therapy treats EVERYTHING! One of the most exciting things about EMDR Therapy is that there is no problem too big or small. There’s also a massive misconception that EMDR only treats trauma or PTSD, but that is entirely false! If you ever hear “you don’t need EMDR,” I guarantee it’s not from an EMDR therapist. Any trained EMDR therapist knows that everyone can benefit from this treatment because, quite frankly, life sucks sometimes!

The good news is, we were all (for the most part) born happy. The negative and unexpected experiences throughout life cause anxiety, depression, personality disorders, dissociation, anger, addictions, eating disorders, etc. Most therapists and medical professionals get distracted trying to treat symptoms, and they miss the cause entirely. EMDR is effective and efficient because it treats the root of the problem/symptoms. When you treat the source, it also means that symptoms go away for good!


Compare it to a broken ankle. You present at the doctor’s office with ankle pain. You have two options. Treat the symptom (the pain) with medication and hope it gets better, or take x-rays to find and treat the source of the pain (broken bone). The latter option to take X-rays would ensure proper treatment. Pain medication might provide temporary relief, but the injury will probably not heal correctly without adequate treatment, and symptoms will persist. On the other hand, treating the source, in this case, surgery to correct the broken bone, almost always guarantees that you will feel better. Then, you can go back to living an everyday life without the need for further medical interventions.

Here’s another example:

Let’s say someone got bit by a dog while walking through the park. That’s a very incredible and scary experience. That person now becomes anxious around dogs, hypervigilant in parks, and maybe even nervous about leaving the house. Our minds remember painful events to keep us safe. Now, every time that person sees a dog, their mind and body immediately think “danger.” However, not all dogs are dangerous. It also isn’t fun to live life constantly feeling anxious, worried, or in panic mode.

Most therapists focus on treating the symptoms (anxiety, avoidance, panic). They teach coping skills that help challenge negative beliefs such as “I’m not safe” or “I’m not in control.” You will learn breathing and grounding techniques to utilize when in triggering situations. You must repeatedly use these coping skills each time you feel triggered. Your symptoms decrease or come and go, but it could take months or even years to experience lasting change.

A trained EMDR therapist will help you get to the root of the symptoms by reprocessing the traumatic event (the dog bite). After EMDR treatment, the symptoms will typically go away. It is that simple! Clients leave with positive beliefs such as “that is over, and I am safe now” or “I can keep myself safe.” There will no longer be triggers, and life will go back to normal. No need to practice coping skills endlessly. No need for years of therapy. If you don’t know the source of your symptoms, not to worry, the therapists at CARE are skilled at helping clients make those connections!

If you’ve been in therapy for a while and feel you haven’t made enough progress or your symptoms keep returning, it may be an excellent time to try EMDR Therapy. When you begin to treat the source, symptoms decrease quickly. Our most severely depressed and anxious clients average only seven EMDR sessions, and their symptoms wholly diminish or are very significantly reduced. Although insurance does not cover EMDR therapy, this is the best investment you will ever make for yourself. For less than $1,000, you will likely walk out of your therapist’s office for the last time ever- feeling happier, healthier, and more resilient

Check out: to learn more about this amazing therapy!

Wishing you good health and happiness,


Wellness Starts Within