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CARE is Unique! 

Therapists all over the world are racing to get trained in EMDR Therapy! This is excellent news because the world needs more EMDR therapists! EMDR, in my opinion, works miracles. So often, we get clients who come to CARE after years of failed talk therapy. I assure you, EMDR will never fail you! However, it does take a skilled and knowledgeable EMDR therapist to ensure a successful outcome!

All EMDR therapists are not created equal. We all go through basic training, but basic is just basic. Most clients require more than just basic skills when it comes to EMDR therapy. The therapists at CARE are more like experts in EMDR. We do it every day and with 100% of our clients. 

Our training goes way beyond basic! We excel at helping our clients achieve their therapy goals because of our commitment to the practice of EMDR, and the growth of skills. Some of our team’s advanced trainings include:

  • Utilization of EMDR With Police and First Responders
  • EMDR Recent Traumatic Episode and Group Traumatic Episode Protocol Training
  • EMDR and Performance Enhancement
  • Advanced Flash Technique for EMDR Therapy
  • Simplifying Complex PTSD: New Treatment Approaches
  • EMDR 2.0: An Enhanced Version of EMDR Therapy
  • EMDR in the Treatment of Depression: How to Use the EMDR DeprEnd Protocol
  • EMDR Therapy and Suicide
  • EMDR in the treatment of Chronic Pain
  • Efficient Methods for EMDR Therapy: Case Conceptualization and Strategic Target Selection
  • Powerful EMDR Techniques within EMDR therapy: EMD Bomb, Flash 1.0, Flashforward, and Mental Check Video

Although many of our clients prefer to stick with one therapist while at CARE, they will always have the knowledge and support of our entire team. Our team of top-notch therapists work together to develop our EMDR skills which go far beyond what any individual practitioner could achieve on their own. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of those in our community, and we are motivated by our client’s successes!

To help ensure you have an effective experience with EMDR, I recommend asking the therapist what percentage of their clients are receiving EMDR therapy. At CARE, the answer is always 100%! Every client at CARE will receive EMDR therapy during their course of treatment. We treat hundreds of clients each week, and our success rates will astonish you!

Based on actual CARE data, our average client only requires 7 hours of EMDR therapy with us before their therapy goals are met! Some clients prefer to stretch the sessions out, integrating some traditional talk therapy. While other clients prefer to move through the 7 hours at an accelerated pace- sometimes completing therapy in just days! 

You probably wonder, but this sounds too good to be true. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, why doesn’t every therapist practice EMDR if it works so well? That’s a great question! EMDR works, and it works practically every time. However, it does require hard work. Our clients are brave. Our therapists are brave. We are helping clients tackle some of their most harrowing experiences in life. This is often counterintuitive to what therapists are taught in school. Therapists strive to help clients feel better. Hence the reason they often resort to teaching “coping skills .” However, to truly heal our clients, we must accompany them through the pain. This can be challenging for many. EMDR therapists understand the value and necessity of this process, and we stay focused on the end result. With advanced EMDR skills, the process is often made easier, and issues are resolved more quickly. 

For more information on EMDR or to schedule an initial appointment with CARE, please visit our website:

Wishing you happiness!


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