Level 1 Therapist

Darryl Stewart

Meet Darryl Stewart, an esteemed therapist with a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, specializing in EMDR Therapy and advanced therapeutic techniques. Darryl excels in creating a judgment-free space, fostering strong therapeutic relationships with his clients. He is dedicated to guiding individuals towards achieving their mental health goals, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives. His expertise and compassionate approach make him a reliable and effective partner in the journey of personal growth and healing. Darryl's commitment to his clients' well-being is evident in every aspect of his practice.

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Key Trainings

Efficient Methods for EMDR Therapy: Case Conceptualization and Strategic Target Selection
Powerful EMDR Techniques within EMDR therapy: EMD Bomb, Flash 1.0, Flashforward and Mental Check Video
EMDR 2.0: An Enhanced Version of EMDR Therapy
Simplifying Complex PTSD: New Treatment Approaches

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